canyoneering skills workshop ascending

Ascending is not something you need to do very regularly, but in addition to being an important self rescue skill, there are some canyons where it is actually a necessity to ascend just to get back out of the canyon, including one right here in our own Robbers Roost. If you've never done it before, its time to learn. If you have done it, once upon a time, but not recently, and could benefit from some practice, this is your chance. You will need your harness and helmet, along with whatever ascending tools you have. If you don't have any, you can try some different tools that I will bring to see what you like and what might work best for you, to aid in your decision of what to purchase for your personal tools. Please register with me by email so I can keep track of the group size.

Organizer:Rick Thompson
Date:Mon May 12 2014
Meeting Place:Dogwood wall, 100 feet up canyon past the last table, coming through the Dogwood Picnic area, 1 mile up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Park outside of the picnic area, on the street, and walk through it so you don't have to pay.
Meeting Time:6:00 pm
Web Link:Map to Dogwood Campground