nordic ski tour, cross-country series, tour #1 (sun) - November 23, 2014

Cross-country (XC) skiing. Western Uintas, Northern Wasatch, or nordic center track skiing using XC skis. Note: This is NOT alpine touring (AT) . A progressive rating for season trip series will be used: NTD-NTD+ (Nov.- Dec.), MOD-MOD+ (Jan.-Feb.), and MSD (Mar.-Apr.). Contact organizer by Friday PM for weekly details and to request registration. Meeting time and place, and any updates or changes (e.g. trip location, road conditions, date change to Saturday) will be announced to those registered via email the day prior to the trip date. An NTD trip participation will be pre-requisite for MOD trip, then MOD trip for MSD.

Organizer:Michael Berry
Date:Sun Nov 23 2014
Meeting Place:Registration required