WMC Activity Calendar for May, 2015
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 2015-05-01 Road Bike: East Side-West Side 43 MOD
 2015-05-02 Terry Rollins Memorial Road Bike NTD+
 2015-05-02 Snow Travel and Ice Axe Self Arrest Training Class MOD
 2015-05-02 Snow Travel and Ice Axe Self Arrest Training Class2 MOD
 2015-05-02 Mountaineering Triple Traverse EXT
 2015-05-02 Faint Trails Hike - Canyon Rail Trail, Rogers Pass and Alexander Fork NTD
 2015-05-02 Co-Organized Hike to Desolation Lake MOD
 2015-05-02 Exploratory Day Hike to Desert Peak in the Newfoundland Range MSD-
 2015-05-03 Road Bike - Lower Butterfield Canyon MOD
 2015-05-03 Mt Olympus to the Stream Day Hike MOD-
 2015-05-03 Day Hike/Storm Mtn MSD
 2015-05-03 Slow-Pace Hike Mill D to Deso Lake NTD+
 2015-05-03 Mountaineering Pfeifferhorn North Ridge EXT
 2015-05-03 Rock Climb - RED Rocks - Draper
 2015-05-04 Slow Pace Draper Evening Hike NTD
 2015-05-05 Evening Hike - Dog Lake via Butler Fork - Teens Welcome NTD
 2015-05-05 Rock Climb - Morning Cragging Session MOD
 2015-05-06 Evening Hike - Grandeur Peak Loop - Teens Welcome NTD+
 2015-05-06 WMC Board Meeting
 2015-05-07 Evening Hike - Bells Canyon NTD
 2015-05-07 Day Hike Mill B to Mineral Fork Loop MSD-
 2015-05-07 DATE CHANGE Road Bike F8 from Holladay Village Square MOD
3 days  2015-05-08 Escalante Area Canyoneering MOD+
3 days  2015-05-08 Kayak/Canoe - Colorado River, Glen Canyon Dam to Lees Ferry Flat Water
2 days  2015-05-09 Conservation Second San Rafael Swell WSA Survey Weekend
 2015-05-09 Training: 1/2-DayBasic Wilderness First Aid Clinic
 2015-05-09 Quaint Trails Hike NTD
 2015-05-09 Burch Hollow Day Hike MOD
 2015-05-10 Slow Pace Day Hike, South Fork of Dry Creek MOD
 2015-05-10 Hike Killyon Canyon NTD
 2015-05-10 BST from Thousand Oaks to Mt Olympus Day Hike NTD
 2015-05-10 Mountaineering - Pfeifferhorn North Ridge MSD
 2015-05-11 Slow Pace Draper Evening Hike - Red Rock to Potato Hill NTD
 2015-05-11 Evening Hike Mt Van Cott 5:45 pm ...Mtn is behind Univ Utah Medical Center NTD+
 2015-05-12 Evening Hike - Lambs Canyon - Teens Welcome NTD
 2015-05-12 Rock Climb - Morning Cragging Session MOD
 2015-05-13 Evening Hike - Millcreek Canyon NTD
 2015-05-13 Slow Paced Evening Hike - Millcreek Organizer's Choice NTD
 2015-05-13 Road Bike: Bear River Bird Refuge NTD+
 2015-05-14 Bike Maintenance: Chain Maintenance Clinic
 2015-05-14 Evening Hike - Big Cottonwood - Organizer's Choice NTD
 2015-05-14 Rock Climb - Challenge Buttress
3 days  2015-05-15 Gray Canyon Beginner Training Trip Class II-
 2015-05-16 Co-Organized Slow Pace Hike - Ghost Falls from Draper LDS Temple Area NTD-
 2015-05-16 Day Hike - Ridge to the North of Bells Canyon MOD-
 2015-05-16 Neffs Canyon to the Meadow Day Hike MOD
 2015-05-16 Road Bike - East Canyon Resort Loop - CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER MOD
 2015-05-16 Day Hike Wellsville Mountains MOD
 2015-05-17 Day Hike The PIG (Pfeifferhorn including Glissade) MSD
 2015-05-17 Monthly Social and Road Bike Ride with Diane - cancelled MOD
 2015-05-17 Day Hike/Gobblers/Raymond MSD
 2015-05-17 Ferguson Canyon to the Overlook Day Hike MOD-
 2015-05-17 Rock Climb - RED Rocks - Draper - Cancelled
 2015-05-18 UU Red Butte N Side Evening Hike 530 pm or 5 pm at TRAX NTD+
 2015-05-18 Family Friendly Draper Evening Hike - Suncrest Trailhead to Traverse Ridge NTD+
 2015-05-18 Movie - The Endless Knot
 2015-05-19 Millcreek Evening Hike - Terraces NTD
 2015-05-19 Evening Mountain Bike - Park City MOD+
6 days  2015-05-19 White Water Rafting Desolation Gray Canyon of the Green River Class III
 2015-05-19 Road Bike - CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER (Another) East Side Loop NTD+
 2015-05-19 Movie: the Breach (free film)
 2015-05-20 Evening Hike - Willow Heights NTD
 2015-05-21 Evening Hike - The Living Room NTD
 2015-05-21 Beginner Hike/ Family Hike/ Wheeler Farm NTD-
 2015-05-21 Rock Climb - Dogwood
 2015-05-22 Road Bike -Mirror Lake Highway CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER MOD
3 days  2015-05-23 Escalante Backpack MOD+
 2015-05-23 Hike Jack's Mountain to Castle Quarry loop MOD-
 2015-05-23 Rock Climbing 101 - Workshop NTD
3 days  2015-05-23 Ely Nevada area Car Camp MOD
 2015-05-24 Day Hike - Cardiff Pass From Alta NTD
 2015-05-24 Mountaineering Champagne Couloir (to Mount Nebo summit) EXT
 2015-05-25 Hike - Gobblers Knob followed by visit to the WMC picnic MOD
 2015-05-25 Family Hike in Stairs Gulch Area NTD-
 2015-05-25 Storm Mountain Multi-Sport Social
 2015-05-25 Hiking Trail Maintenance and hike to mine NTD
 2015-05-25 Rock Climb - The Slips followed by WMC Picnic
4 days  2015-05-26 Mountaineering: Climb Mount Hood, Oregon MOD+
 2015-05-26 Big Cottonwood Evening Hike - Broads Fork to Bridge NTD+
 2015-05-26 Evening Mountain Bike pc
 2015-05-27 Evening Hike - Bells Canyon NTD
 2015-05-27 Slow Paced Evening Hike - Millcreek Organizer's Choice NTD
 2015-05-27 Kayak/Canoe Wasatch Wednesday On The Water For Small Craft Flat Water
4 days  2015-05-28 Flat Water White River Canoe Duckie Class I
 2015-05-28 Evening Hike - Salt Lake Overlook NTD
3 days  2015-05-29 City of Rocks Rock Climbing Weekend MOD
 2015-05-29 Road Bike to Harmon's in Farmington MOD
 2015-05-30 Hike Cherry Canyon to the Outlaw Cabin MOD+
 2015-05-30 Co-Organized Slow Pace Hike - Temple Granite Quarry NTD-
2 days  2015-05-30 Canyoneering in Capitol Reef MOD
 2015-05-30 Exploratory Hike along the Butterfield Canyon Ridgeline MOD-
 2015-05-30 Road Bike Holladay Village Square Loop MOD
 2015-05-31 Day Hike The Beatout EXT
 2015-05-31 Slow-Pace Dog Hike Terraces to Elbow NTD+
 2015-05-31 Broads Fork Hike MOD-
 2015-05-31 Hike Neff's Canyon to pass above Thaynes MOD+