WMC Activity Calendar for October, 2015
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24 days  2015-10-01 Nepal in the fall. The Three Passes trek MOD+
 2015-10-01 Post Season Evening Hike - Rattlesnake Gulch NTD+
 2015-10-01 Rock Climb - Red Rocks (Draper)
3 days  2015-10-02 Multiple Activity Weekend at Antelope Island - Friday Night Car Camp
25 days  2015-10-03 Grand Canyon Trip White Water Rafting Class IV+
 2015-10-03 Kayak/Canoe on the Great Salt Lake Flat Water
 2015-10-03 Kayak/Canoe the Great Salt Lake Flat Water
 2015-10-03 Fundraising Dinner At the WMC Lodge
 2015-10-03 Multiple Sport Weekend at Antelope Island - Saturday Morning Hike MOD
 2015-10-03 Multi-Sport Antelope Island Social
 2015-10-03 Antelope Island - Afternoon Family-Friendly Leisure Hike NTD
 2015-10-03 Antelope Island Road Bike NTD
 2015-10-04 Road Bike Big Mtn, once or twice : NOTE TIME CHANGE MOD+
 2015-10-04 Day Hike to Millvue Peak MOD
 2015-10-04 Slow-Pace Hike to Circle All Peak NTD+
 2015-10-05 Post Season Evening Hike - Jacobs Ladder Approach NTD+
 2015-10-06 Evening Hike - Terraces to Elbow Fork NTD+
 2015-10-07 WMC Board Meeting
 2015-10-07 Road Bike Draper to Provo MOD
 2015-10-08 Post Season Evening Hike - Dragon's Tail NTD+
 2015-10-08 Road Bike: Ogden to SLC Recon NTD+
 2015-10-08 Rock Climb - Iron Curtain
 2015-10-09 Sing-A-Long & Pot Luck Supper
3 days  2015-10-09 Canyoneering 201 MOD+
 2015-10-10 Boat Shed Closing Work Party.
 2015-10-10 Hike Thomas Fork of Neffs Towards Triangle Peak MSD-
 2015-10-10 Slow Pace Hike - City Creek Twin Peaks NTD
 2015-10-10 Day Hike - Pfeifferhorn MSD
 2015-10-10 Rock Climb, Storm Mountain Area MOD
 2015-10-11 Day Hike - Devil's Castle MOD
 2015-10-11 Hike - Autumn Season Hike - Mill B North MOD
 2015-10-12 Post Season Evening Hike - One Hour Rock NTD+
 2015-10-13 Movie - EVEREST - the Movie VENUE CHANGED ???
 2015-10-14 Road Bike Emigration Canyon MOD
4 days  2015-10-15 Rock Climb - Maple Canyon - Camp and Climb
 2015-10-15 Post Season Evening Hike - West Grandeur
 2015-10-16 TIME CHANGE: Road Bike Vivian Park to Murdock Trail MOD
 2015-10-17 Rappelling Class for Canyoneering NTD+
 2015-10-17 Organizer Choice Hike MOD
2 days  2015-10-17 Protect the Mexican Mountain WSA-build a barrier
 2015-10-17 Flat Water Intro to Canoe (and maybe kayak) paddling Flat Water
 2015-10-17 Day Hike Hueghs Canyon NTD
 2015-10-18 Butler/Deso Fall Color Loop Hike MOD
 2015-10-18 Slow-Pace Hike to Cecret Lake and Beyond NTD+
 2015-10-19 Post-Season Night Hike - Lower Ridge of Bells NTD+
 2015-10-20 Road Bike: Mountain Green to Morgan Loop MOD
 2015-10-22 Post Season Evening Hike - Church Fork NTD+
3 days  2015-10-23 Introduction to Technical Canyoneering MOD
 2015-10-24 Rock Climb - 43rd Annual Tradapalooza MOD+
 2015-10-24 Notch Peak Day Hike MOD
 2015-10-24 Mt Superior Day Hike MSD
 2015-10-25 Slow Pace Organizer's Choice MOD Hike MOD
 2015-10-27 Movie or Free film screening
 2015-10-27 Biking Meeting/Social - Bike Utah Awards
 2015-10-28 Movie or Free film screening
 2015-10-28 Road Bike: Farmington to Antelope Island Causeway entrance. MOD
 2015-10-29 Post Season Evening Hike - Mt. Olympus NTD+
 2015-10-31 Hike to Houndstooth MSD-
 2015-10-31 Slow-Pace Millcreek Dog Hike NTD+