WMC Activity Calendar for September, 2015
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17 days  2015-09-01 White Water Rafting-Alsek River Trip Class IV
 2015-09-01 Evening Hike - Mill D North to Dog Lake NTD
 2015-09-02 Training - Lubos's Superior Loop (LSL) MOD+
 2015-09-02 Evening Hike - Mineral Fork NTD
 2015-09-02 WMC Board Meeting
 2015-09-03 Evening Hike - White Fir Pass NTD
 2015-09-03 Rock Climb, Reservoir Ridge / Dam Wall MOD
4 days  2015-09-04 Toquima Range Car Camp MSD
3 days  2015-09-04 Rock Climb - Ruth Lake - Camp, Crag, and Cleanup NTD
3 days  2015-09-05 Backpacking Death Hollow MOD
 2015-09-05 Rock Climb - Adopt a Crag - Ruth Lake - Uintas
 2015-09-05 Slow-Pace Hike to Greens Basin NTD
 2015-09-05 Day Hike Mt. Superior and Monte Cristo from Alta - Rescheduled for Sept 19th MSD
 2015-09-06 The 6th Annual Bust Yer Buns for Brunch Hike MOD
 2015-09-06 Hike Bullion Divide Backwards Plus or Minus a Peak or Two MSD
 2015-09-07 Day Hike - Deseret Peak MOD+
 2015-09-07 Last Month of Monday Night Family Friendly Draper Evening Hikes NTD
 2015-09-08 Evening Hike - Burch Hollow NTD
 2015-09-09 Cecret Lake Evening Hike NTD-
 2015-09-09 Ski, Snowshoe Meeting/Social
 2015-09-09 Snowshoe Meeting/Social Winter sports organizing Party
 2015-09-10 Evening Hike - Lake Blanche NTD
 2015-09-10 Rock Climb, Dogwood MOD
 2015-09-11 Road Bike - Browns Canyon Loop MOD
 2015-09-11 Borah Peak, Idaho high point day hike, 12,662 ft MSD
4 days  2015-09-11 Canoeing Ruby Horsethief Class II
8 days  2015-09-12 Grand Teton Car Camp MOD
 2015-09-12 White Pine Lake Hike MOD
 2015-09-12 Quaint Trails Hike Probably Someplace in Days Fork NTD
 2015-09-12 Rock Climb - TradSat MOD+
 2015-09-12 Day Hike: The Rocky Cleaver EXT
 2015-09-12 Breakfast and Rock Climb in American Fork Canyon
 2015-09-13 Day Hike: Pfeifferhorn via Red Pine MSD
 2015-09-13 Faint Trails Hike NTD
 2015-09-13 Hike to Sunset Peak MOD-
 2015-09-13 Road Bike: East Canyon-Mountain Green MOD
 2015-09-14 Family Friendly Draper Evening Hike - BST To Bear Creek Bridge NTD
 2015-09-15 Red Butte Evening Hike NTD+
 2015-09-15 Evening Hike - Willow Lake NTD
 2015-09-16 Evening Hike - Salt Lake Overlook NTD
 2015-09-17 Evening Hike - Ferguson Canyon NTD
 2015-09-17 Rock Climb - CANCELED Due to WEATHER
3 days  2015-09-18 Backpack the Zion Narrows MOD+
 2015-09-19 Day Hike Mt. Superior and Monte Cristo from Alta MSD
 2015-09-19 Slow Pace Hike - Dog Lake from Big Cottonwood via Mill D North NTD
 2015-09-19 Day Hike to Neff's Cave NTD+
 2015-09-19 Boating Social - PINK FLAMINGO PARTY! ALL ARE INVITED
 2015-09-19 Boating Service Trip Weber River Clean Up Class I
 2015-09-19 Road Bike: Snowbasin Fall Colors / XTERRA MOD
 2015-09-20 Hike Red White Red White, Hike/Scramble EXT
 2015-09-20 Gobblers Knob Hike MOD
 2015-09-21 Family Friendly Draper Evening Hike NTD
9 days  2015-09-22 White Water Rafting Canyonlands Class IV
 2015-09-22 Evening Hike - Mill B North to the Overlook NTD
 2015-09-23 Evening Hike - Old Red Pine Trail - Millcreek NTD
 2015-09-23 Road Bike: Monte Cristo Fall Color Ride MOD+
 2015-09-24 End of Season Evening Hike and Pot Luck, Neff's Canyon NTD
 2015-09-24 Rock Climb - The Slips
 2015-09-24 Legacy Parkway Road Bike MOD
3 days  2015-09-25 Flat Water-- Snake River Canoe trip--kids welcome Class I
 2015-09-25 Road Bike Alpine Loop MSD
 2015-09-26 Organizer's Choice Hike MOD
 2015-09-26 Hiking Trail Maintenance - National Public Lands Day, Update
 2015-09-26 Hike Blanch Peak MSD
 2015-09-26 Leisurely Hike from Brighton to Lake Catherine NTD
 2015-09-26 Strawberry Peak Day Hike - 10,335' NTD
 2015-09-27 Day Hike/Roberts Horn MOD+
 2015-09-27 Slow-Pace Loop Hike MOD-
 2015-09-27 Day Hike in Millcreek Canyon MOD-
 2015-09-27 South Tent Mountain Day Hike MOD
 2015-09-27 Road Bike and Blues and Brews at Snowbasin MOD
 2015-09-28 Final Family Friendly Draper Evening Hike - Traverse Ridge Loop NTD
 2015-09-29 Road Bike - Big Cottonwood Canyon MSD-