boating social--nonpermit river database work day - February 26, 2015

Come give a hand with our river list on Thursday, February 26. We will be using reference books and the internet to find information on the various rivers we have identified and listed over the last 2 years, in order to make a single document that will get you started if you didn't get your permit, but you still want to boat. Each of us will work on 1-3 rivers, and compile our information. Then we will party! Meet at 6, at 727 Kensington ave (1530 S) in Salt Lake. I'll make a pot of chili, you bring sides or desserts if you like. BYOB. If you can't get there until a little later, that's ok, we will save you some chili! Bring your laptop or tablet to work on!

Organizer:Kelly Beumer
Date:Thu Feb 26 2015
Meeting Place:727 Kensington Ave--1530 S-- Salt Lake City; Beumer's house
Meeting Time:6:00 pm