bryce in winter snowshoe, spikes hike, and maybe x/c ski - February 26, 2015

If you've heard how beautiful the red rock of Bryce is in the snow, but haven't ever been down there to see it, here's your chance- a mid winter hike, snowshoe and or X/C ski tour to Bryce Canyon. We'll stay at the warm and cozy Rubys Inn, just outside the park, and take advantage of the fee free 30+ km of trails, which have a ski track and snowshoe space, both inside the park, and in the adjoining national forest. Plan to drive down whenever you can get away- morning, afternoon or evening, and spend the weekend seeing and skiing the area, and returning home on Sunday. There are lots of trails, including groomed track, and loop options, so you can go to see it all and get a workout, or you can just go to see it, and kick back and take advantage of the many amenities, including the spa, hot tub and indoor pool. Half price rates @ Rubys Inn in this offseason make it an affordable getaway, on top of being a memorable weekend. You can get a nights lodgings for 46$ on Rubys Inn website, under their Winter Warmer Special. Come down with me after work on Thursday, and stay Thursday Friday and Saturday nights, come down Friday after work, come when you can. Sunday is only a half day hiking before we come home, so Thursday gives me two full days to hike and frolic. Whether you come Thursday or Friday, its a beautiful weekend you won't forget.

Organizer:Rick Thompson
Date:Thu Feb 26 2015 — Sun Mar 1 2015
Meeting Place:Registration required