training - lubos's superior loop (lsl) - July 15, 2015

Please join me every week on Wednesday through September 1 for a fun, after-work exercise. We will hike/scramble the Mt. Superior South ridge and then we will continue running the ridge trail east all the way back to Alta and back on the LCC road to the car. The goal is to get to the summit in two hours and to complete the loop in less than three hours. At our first run we got to the summit in one hour and 43 minutes and completed the loop in two hours and 50 minutes. The whole loop run is easier than you think. You can copy the following link into your browser to see the data, you can also download the GPS .GPX file and use Google Earths to display the data. The elevation gain is about 3000 feet, the loop is 4,7 miles long. Go as lite as possible, this loop is considered a trail run, not a climb or a hike.

Organizer:Lubos Pavel
Date:Wed Jul 15 2015
Meeting Place:Registration required

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