canyoneering the subway - July 17, 2015

I used to classify this all time classic as a hike with moderate scrambling and some ropework, but that was before the big log at the head of the subway proper washed out, now it entails either a jump with penalty points across a 20 ft deep chasm, or a rappel. For non rappellers, I will have a rope and harness and can quickly and safely lower you those 20 feet, not a problem. This hike is on many peoples life bucket lists, justifiably, as it is a mind blowing wonder, with hiking, scrambling and swimming, all in one day hike. We are car camping, plan to do two day hikes, it doesn't get any better than this, if you haven't done it yet, this is your chance. This trip is full with a long waitlist.

Organizer:Rick Thompson
Date:Fri Jul 17 2015 — Sun Jul 19 2015
Meeting Place:Registration required