road bike - midway to wallsburg - July 24, 2015

A pleasant country ride from Midway to Wallsburg. We'll start from the Zermatt Hotel, ride up to Soldier Hollow, then on UT 113 towards Hwy 189. Although a fairly busy road, the shoulders are wide in most cases and this part of the trip is about 4 miles (if you are uncomfortable riding on hwy 189, you can meet us at the parking lot at the 189/Wallsburg turn). Once we make the turn to Wallsburg, we are on country roads with little traffic. We'll head up the canyon with a loop around Wallsburg, then return back towards Midway on another loop towards Heber. Lunch at Cafe Galleria!

Organizer:Mary Settle
Date:Fri Jul 24 2015
Meeting Place:Zermatt Hotel on Homestead Drive, Midway, south side parking lot
Meeting Time:9:00 am