June 12, 2015 - road bike frontrunner ride farmington to ogden

I discovered a different way into Ogden I really like and think you will, too. We'll ride from Farmington to Ogden, eat lunch at Roosters, and take Frontrunner back to Farmington Station. We'll ride at a moderate pace as a group on some delightful, low-traffic roads. No puncture vines (goatheads). A lot of the ride is on rural roads without much in the way of services. The first convenience store / restroom break will be 29 miles into the ride, so plan accordingly. We'll start riding at 9am.

Organizer:Chris Karcher
Date:Fri Jun 12 2015
Meeting Place:Farmington Frontrunner Station (Station Park). Meet in the far northeast corner of the Station Park parking lot, near the entrance to the Farmington Frontrunner and Legacy bike path. Farmington Station address: 450 N. 850 W., Farmington
Meeting Time:8:45 am