canyoneering in zion

Time to head to Zion, have a chance to squeeze in one more Zion adventure before the Subway trip in July. The biggie is Englestead, with its 300 foot free entry rap, and then down Orderville, a fun, if full day. Thats the only permit I have, hopefully get a Pine Creek on the last minute drawing, and one out of park canyon, maybe Water. Plan to drive down thursday afternoon/eve, and crash at Mosquito Cove 2, then grab a site in South as somebody pulls out, early friday morning. One caution, the Englestead/Orderville permit is for Sunday, so it will involve a late return home sunday night, unless someone wants to just stay another night and come home monday.

Organizer:Rick Thompson
Date:Thu Jun 18 2015 — Sun Jun 21 2015
Meeting Place:Registration required