mountaineering pfeifferhorn north ridge

This is an mountaineering alpine climb with exposed 5.4 scramble sections, the trip is limited to 6 climbers. The ridge has a few exposed section where we would use rope if needed but most of the ridge would be a free climb. You need to be very confident being on an exposed ridge, climbing with crampons, in good shape to move fast, and having some rock climbing experience. Because of the low snowpack this year, there are good holds, no ice sections and very little bit of snow on the ridge. No ice tools are needed this time. The trip starts at the White Pine parking lot and goes through the Red Pine canyon and Maybird Gulch. It takes about three hours to get the couloir climb. The snow pack is pretty good and we will not need snowshoes. The couloir is a short, steep climb. The ridge climb will take about three hours to the summit. From the summit we would go down the south face and would traverse back to the Maybird Gulch. The entire round trip will be about 10 hours long. Here are a few web links with additional description and pictures, please copy and paste the link into your browser.

Organizer:Lubos Pavel
Date:Sun May 3 2015
Meeting Place:Registration required