backpack the zion narrows - September 18, 2015

Only 16.5 miles, over two days, in one of the most beautiful places on earth. But a fairly serious endeavor, as you are walking in water, from 1 to 4 feet deep, on slippery rocks you can't see, which are like greased bowling balls. Spreading it out over two days makes it more enjoyable, and gives you time to relax and take pictures, whereas the one day hike turns into a death march before you get out. The down side, and there is one, is that if you are going to spend the night in the middle somewhere you are now talking about carrying overnight gear and provisions, which means you now have a real pack on your back, that is a) heavy, and b) needs to be waterproofed. Or at least everything in it. The trick is to go ultralight- every pound you put on your back decreases the fun level, and increases the chance of potential mishap or injury. Just an overnight backpack, in an incredible place. But it must be taken seriously. Getting a campsite permit for the hike is a definite challenge, which is why i scheduled this for after the start of school. Since these permits are nearly impossible to get, I am planning to drive down thursday afternoon, in order to stand in line all night thursday night, to get a permit for a saturday night Narrows campsite, which is given out at 700 am friday morning on a first come first serve basis. It would be nice if I could interest someone else in coming down with me for this vigil, to have someone to trade off shifts with during the night. Then, permit in hand, friday morning, I would go over to South campground, and grab a campsite or two for the rest of the group, coming down friday evening, prepared to start the hike early saturday morning. We could do another hike or canyon on friday, since we're there. We spend saturday night in the Narrows, and complete the hike on sunday, and go home sunday night.

Organizer:Rick Thompson
Date:Fri Sep 18 2015 — Sun Sep 20 2015
Meeting Place:Registration required

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