backpacking death hollow

Due to the chance of rain the first couple of days into this four day canyon backpack trip, combined with improving weather as the weekend progresses, I have trimmed this down to a Death Hollow overnight backpack. We will drive down saturday, and drop in to DH via the Boulder Mail Trail on Sunday morning. This limits our exposure to just one night in the canyon, and still enables us to experience the lower end of the canyon, which still offers its best features. Spending the night between the BMT and the Escalante River, we will still exit to a stashed shuttle car via the Mini DH escape route, just below the confluence, getting us home monday night. If you couldn't make the 5 day trip, and are still flexible, come and join us- shoot me an email. This update obviously supercedes the original post, left below for comparison and informational purposes. Original post- This is a tough 4 day backpack, which besides hiking, involves some wading, ropework, and some swimming, in a deep and remote canyon. The first water is roughly 11 miles in, starting right off with a long first day, from the top of the canyon on the Hells Backbone Rd. We will drive down on Thursday, hike FSS, and exit on Monday, Labor Day, coming out the sneak route to a spur off of highway 12. Although there is no actual rappelling, canyoneering experience is a decided plus, with chockstone drops up to 12 feet, and climbs to 5.4, with a pack that must be fully waterproofed. I have cancelled this trip twice before due to the weather, as you are exposed in a long deep canyon for multiple days, a clean forecast is required. A strenuous trip, for a small group, but the reward is huge.

Organizer:Rick Thompson
Date:Sat Sep 5 2015 — Mon Sep 7 2015
Meeting Place:Registration required

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