logan river boating service trip

LOGAN RIVER/ Class II thru Class IV/ Scout and Prep for the May 21-22 Overnight Trip. This small swift and super scenic river is surrounded by snowcapped peaks with abundant wildlife. The goal of this trip is to scout, remove blowdown and enjoy the awesome canyon atmosphere. Boating is optional on this trip dependent upon water level. Bring a good work ethic, gloves, protective eyewear, saws, belay cordage, PFD, a change of clothes and wetsuit or dry suit if you have one. This trip is mandatory for those planning on doing the overnight trip in May. We will be getting homemade ice cream pre-canyon and dining at the Historic Bluebird post-canyon. Expect a long day with being back in Salt Lake City before 11:00 PM. Contact Chris @ 776-1031 to sign up for this unique opportunity.

Level:Class III
Organizer:Chris R
Date:Sat Apr 9 2016
Meeting Place:To be determined based upon participant geographic distribution.
Meeting Time:10:00 am