rock climb, ruth lake

Solitude, climbing, camping and a meteor shower. Beat the heat and come climb/camp in the Uinta's. We'll get an early start to find parking and it's about a 1 1/2 hour drive from SLC. Mostly sport routs and something for everyone (5.6 and up). Bring your rope. Carpooling is recommended and there is a use fee for the Uinta's. If you miss the carpool or just want to come a bit later, we should be on either the Good Medicine or Chief Wall. You are welcome to camp around Ruth Lake (it is Bear Country). The hike in is about 1 mile and relatively level. Several appropriate campsites can be found around the perimeter of the lake with flat ground and rocks for fire rings. Most campsites are located just above the shore. The water itself is a beautiful example of Uinta Mountain lakes as it nestles beneath the cliffs of Mount Marsell. Good views of the mountainous walls of Hayden Peak across the valley add to Ruth Lake's appeal. see meeting times for more info. Steve Duncan has site 15 reserved at lost reek campground for Sat nite. Most sites are non-reserve able but open to walkin. Tony and Giulia will car-camp both Friday and Sat by Washington lake on FR041 (go past the group campsite by staying left , note, this area gives a good open sky view, but has road dust) and there are many pullouts and no fee for sites. I'll have a sign up on right side of road that says Hellman. I recommend bring a beach foldout chairs or a blanket for the meteors which peak at 1:30 am. We plan to sleep under the stars on our chairs. We expect to gather at Lost creek site 15 for a get-together on Sat nite. Cell service can be spotty. A Bald mtn hike is posted for Fri Aug 12, 5:45 pm. Weather forecast is sunny and zero chance of rain, unless it rains!

Organizer:Tony Hellman
Date:Sat Aug 13 2016 — Sun Aug 14 2016
Meeting Place:Meet for carpooling or later at the crag. Three meeting times: 1) carpool at 830 2) lost creek campground site 15 at 9:40 ish. 3) trailhead at 10am both Sat & Sun.
Meeting Time:10:00 am
Carpool Place:Parley's Way Walmart parking lot (east side of the lot)
Carpool Time:8:30 am
Web Link:Ruth Lake