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High-angle self-rescue for climbers (and canyoneers and....), second part. We are doing a 4-part self-rescue skills experience. Each part builds on the previous one, so be warned if you miss a section. After reviewing (or finishing...) how to escape the belay, we will move on to the second step: Ascending the rope. Helmets required, and bring ALL your standard climbing gear. Prussiks, ascenders, spare 'biners, etc. will be very helpful. Those without the necessary gear will learn what they need to go acquire. Those who have not read either Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills, or the John Long self-rescue book will want to get one and read up. $10 climb fund donation requested (for the complete series).

Organizer:Paul Gettings or Steve Duncan
Phone:801-599-7311 or 801-680-9236
Date:Tue Aug 16 2016
Meeting Place:Dogwood. Registration required to make sure enough ropes and instructors show up for skills practice.
Meeting Time:5:00 pm
Web Link:Dogwood