rock climb - strone crag - big cottonwood

Pre Lodge Party Climb: Strone Crag (Gaelic for "Nose") is the large, mostly north-facing quartzite wall between Challenge Buttress and Narcolepsy. The left side of the crag, between Standard Ridge and Space Cadet, comes into the sun mid-morning and into the shade mid-afternoon. The right side of the crag, between Orbital Decay and Starstruck, stays in the shade until mid-afternoon. Most of the routes are trad or mixed requiring at least a few cams. All routes can be descended with a single 60m, typically from chain anchors or Metolius rap anchors. A 70m rope is more convenient, however, to get off Kiss the Sky, Old Habits, Mad Calf, Cost of Business, Starstruck, Cersei, and Tyrion. Narcolepsy, Challenge Buttress, and Dead Snag will all be alternatives if strone crag does not work out. Participants must wear a helmet.

Organizer:Kathleen Waller
Date:Sat Aug 27 2016
Meeting Place:Walk to Challenge Buttress to where it splits right to Hollow Man. On the far side of the gully, you'll see a trail switch-backing up the right side of this gully. Take this all the way up to the top (strone wall is on your left when going up the gully).
Meeting Time:12:00 pm
Web Link:Mountain Project - Strone Crag