backpack grand teton national park, paintbrush to cascade canyon loop - August 29, 2016

This is a trip to experience the beauty of the Tetons. I was able to get a reservation for a campsite permit at the North Cascade Camping Zone on Tuesday, August 30, 2016. The plan is to drive up on Monday, Aug. 29, pick up permit, and camp overnight in one of the front country campgrounds. On Tuesday, Aug. 30, start at String Lake TH, hike up Paintbrush, go over Paintbrush Divide and camp at the North Cascade Camping Zone. On Wednesday, Aug. 31, hike a bit on the South Cascade Fork trail before hiking down Cascade Canyon and back to the trailhead for camping overnight at one of the front country campgrounds. On Thursday, Sept. 1, go on a day hike (optional) and then drive back. Alternatively, the loop can be done in the opposite direction (Cascade to Paintbrush). In that direction, less travel on day one and more travel on day two. In either direction, the trip will involve camping only one night in the backcountry, but the backpack trip will cover at least 19 miles and an elevation gain/loss of 4000 feet (MSD rating?). I hope that we will travel at a pace that we can enjoy the scenery and preserve our joints. We will need to follow park service regulations regarding camping in bear country and leave no trace. Although this trip is on a defined trail and is very popular, I am calling it exploratory because I have never done it. Group limit of 6 participants. Registration required

Organizer:David Andrenyak
Date:Mon Aug 29 2016 — Thu Sep 1 2016
Meeting Place:Registration required

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