canyoneering, canoeing and hot tubbing vegas - February 18, 2016

Time for another annual classic- the Canyoneering Canoeing Hot tubbing trip to the Black Canyon, down by Vegas. A wonderful getaway from winter weekend- spend it scrambling, canyoneering, canoeing and luxuriating in scenic backcountry hot tubs; leaving your snow boots and parkas home, and hanging out in your Tevas, T shirts and shorts. We will drive down thursday morning, check into the Railroad Pass Hotel & Casino just before Boulder City, at off season rates ($47 a night, 2 Queens), and then drive over and check out the dam, and the stunning new bridge over the dam. After dinner together we will get our gear together for an early morning rollout to meet the outfitter (700 am) who will be driving us through the national high security zone to the foot of the dam, where we will launch our rented canoes. There is not much real canoeing involved, it is almost all flat water, we will spend the first night camped at the mouth of Gold Strike canyon, less than a mile from the put in, and then saturday morning meander another mile to a second exploratory canyon, where we will spend the day in an energetic and athletic climb/scramble up Boy Scout Canyon, before paddling another mile down to camp saturday night @ the third canyon, Arizona Hot Springs, with more hot springs and pools. Sunday morning we will paddle for 3 hours down to the takeout, where the outfitter picks us up and will bring us back to pick up our cars at the hotel, and then we will boogy for home sunday afternoon. Actually you'd better not plan on leaving all of your snow gear home- a couple of years ago, after kicking back in our swim suits all weekend, coming home we ran into a major blizzard around Beaver, and struggled around vehicles parked on the shoulders and in the barrow pits, before we made it back home. It is still winter. In Utah. Note that this trip has traditionally been on the first weekend in March, but last year there were 150 people camping at Arizona Hot Springs, it was a zoo- everybody wants to do this trip. I figured it must be a first of March Spring Break thing, so this year I decided to move it up a week, the weather isn't going to be any different one week earlier, and maybe we would have a little more solitude, at least less of a crowd, doing it in February. I was not amused to find out when I called that the Feb weekend of 26-28 was already taken, and full! So I went for the next week, the first one still open. The fee for the 3 day canoe rental, the per person federal launch fee and the launch and pick up shuttles comes to $105 per person. I have already paid half of this to get the reservations, your $100 nonrefundable payment is required to get onto this trip. Mail me a check, at 8267 so 1280 E, sandy, ut 84094.

Level:Class I
Organizer:Rick Thompson
Date:Thu Feb 18 2016 — Sun Feb 21 2016
Meeting Place:Registration required