protect - come to a public hearing on the public lands initiative bill

The WMC Board endorsed the Utah Wilderness Coalition position on representative Bishop's draft bill intended to end gridlock about the use of public lands in Utah. The draft bill is a non-starter and is a bad deal for folks who don't intend to graze, mine, drill or drive on our desert lands. The million or so residents of Utah who live along the Wasatch never got a chance to provide input on the deal, only seven southern Utah counties. You will get a chance to provide input at a public hearing sponsored by the UWC. Your testimony will be recorded and sent to rep Bishop. Please lend your voice to protecting our lands at the Orson Spencer Hall, University of Utah Campus 6:30PM March 2. Your board moved its usual Wednesday Board meeting to Thursday so members can attend. The WMC only allows notices of this type to appear on our activity calendar under extenuating circumstances. We need to stop this legislation to protect our public lands and the opportunities for our recreation that they provide.

Organizer:Will McCarvill
Date:Wed Mar 2 2016
Meeting Place:Orson Spencer Hall
Meeting Time:6:30 pm