biking meeting/social - free film screening - May 11, 2016

"Bikes vs Cars" is a free film screening at the Park City Library.
Part of the Reel Community Series.
Presented in partnership with Park City Municipal and Summit County Transportation.
Pre-film Active Transportation Fair and biking related door prizes starting at 6pm.
Climate change and never-ending gridlocks frustrate people more than ever. Instead of whining, people in cities around the world take on the bicycle as a Do It Yourself solution. It's an uneven fight. Activists and politicians that work for change are facing a multi-billion dollar car, oil and construction industry that use all their means to keep society car dependent. We know that the world needs radical changes to save the climate and the environment, but the car industry is selling more cars than ever. Today there are one billion cars in the world. By 2020, that number will double.
From bike activists in Sao Paulo and Los Angeles, fighting for safe bike lanes, to the City of Copenhagen, where forty percent commute by bike daily, Bikes vs Cars will look at both the struggle for bicyclists in a society dominated by cars, and the revolutionary changes that could take place if more cities moved away from car-centric models.

Organizer:Cheryl Soshnik
Date:Wed May 11 2016
Meeting Place:Park City Library 3rd Floor - 1255 Park Avenue
Meeting Time:6:00 pm
Web Link:Film Description and Evening Details