winter mountaineering - "basic self-arrest, rescue class" - May 14, 2016

Learn basic mountaineering skills, which can be handy on most trips in the Wasatch while winter mountaineering. The class will cover the following: -- Ice axe self-arrest (Applies when a climber loose balance/falls on a steep terrain and need to stop the fall) -- Traversing steep terrain slope (Applies when traversing steep slopes in mountain terrain) -- Down climbing steep terrain slope (Applies when descending from a summit, for example) -- Building and rappelling from a deadman anchor ( Anchor built by using a picket, applies in rescue and steep descent situations) -- Tie a knot: -- Mule hitch (Applies when a belaying climber needs to free up his hands to work on gear or to help the lead climber) - Alpine Butterfly knot (Used for rope travel) -- Munter hitch (Used as a friction device for rappelling/lowering/belaying a climber) -- Prusik knot (Used for crevasse self-rescue, as additional safety when rappelling. -- We will hike out for about a half hour to find a steep slope to exercise. -- Please bring an ice axe, crampons, harness, ATC, helmet. I will bring the club gear but if you have prusiks, shorter ropes, pickets, locking carabieners, bring it as well so we can exercise in groups. I recommend you wear old clothes or some kind of over-pants to protect your Gore-Tex pants. The class will take about 5 hours total time.

Organizer:Lubos Pavel
Date:Sat May 14 2016
Meeting Place:Registration required