logan river white water overnight trip - May 21, 2016

LOGAN RIVER/Class II through Class IV/Overnight Trip/Sat 21 May thru Sun 22. Solid Class III skills needed on this small, but swift, super scenic river. We will be doing 18 miles in craft 11 feet long or less. The one Class IV rapid is easily walkable. We start above Red Bank, then descend past Ricks Spring with riffles then rapids slowly building in difficulty. This is a candy canes overnight trip because all overnight gear will be cached 1.5 miles above our campsite, then decached 1.5 miles below our campsite. Campsite is a large grassy meadow at the base of towering mountains. Continuing down river through multiple short rapids, we stop to scout Monolith Rapid which has excellent photogenic opportunities. Those not wishing to run Monolith can portage or your boat can readily be taken through by another team member. Takeout will be at 3rd Dam. To sign up for this pretty "Idahoesque" mountain river only two hours from Salt Lake City, you need to indicate commitment by participating in the Scout and Prep Trip. As an alternative, you can contribute $25 to ARCUF (Alternative River Clean Up Fund) which funds consumables, maintenance expenses, etc. for river cleanup efforts. The dates of this unique river experience have a minor probability of being pushed forward or backward dependent upon water flow. The Logan River has a reliable history of flowing even in low snowpack years. Contact Chris at 776-1031 to sign up.

Level:Class IV
Organizer:Chris R
Date:Sat May 21 2016 — Sun May 22 2016
Meeting Place:To be determined based upon participant geographic distribution.
Meeting Time:10:00 am