road bike - wasatch loop - May 27, 2016

Friday morning spin before the holiday traffic and/or weather gets bad. Meet at the parking lot across from Robert Turner's house (between 2nd and 3rd East on Claybourne). We'll take the S-line bike path to Sugarhouse Park and work our way up to Wasatch Blvd. Ride south to Ft. Union and take the bike path back north to the Cotton Bottom and then work our way through Holladay and back mostly through neighborhoods. We can stop for coffee at the Coffee and Cocoa place just before the Cotton Bottom if we need a break.

Organizer:Barb Hanson
Date:Fri May 27 2016
Meeting Place:Parking lot between 2nd and 3rd E. on Claybourne Avenue (across from Robert Turner's house)
Meeting Time:9:30 am