protect sids mountain wilderness study area in the san rafael swell

Sids Mountain is one of six Wilderness Study Areas designated by the BLM in the San Rafael Swell. Volunteers are needed to survey the boundary of this wild chunk of Utah to make sure it is not impaired by motorized vehicle intrusions. Potential problem areas have been identified by a Google Earth survey as vehicle tracks are clearly seen in the high resolution images now available. These need to be visited to confirm if problems exist and if so they are to be documented with brief write ups and pics taken with cameras with built in GPS capability. These will be used to create a report that will be submitted to the Price BLM field office to determine corrective action. You will be provided with a map with around 5 locations to be visited and a camera with GPS capability. High clearance or 4X4 will be needed to get to the camp spot at the confluence of Coal and Eagle washes and to access the problem areas. You may actually have to walk to reach some of these spots! Plan on dry camping Friday and Saturday nights. If we get done with the surveys on Saturday we will take a hike on Sunday. Because Sid's is so huge this weekend will finish up what was not done in the September outing.

Organizer:Will McCarvill
Date:Sat Oct 1 2016 — Sun Oct 2 2016
Meeting Place:Registration required