social-oldtimers/newcomers party and book sale - August 26, 2017

Join the WMC Oldtimer/Newcomers party with a "Where I was during the eclipse" photo share. Bring in the new members and renew great friendships at the annual WMC Old Timers/Newcomers Party scheduled for Saturday, August 26th, at the WMC Lodge at Brighton. The evening will include a brief General Membership Meeting. Dinner will be potluck, so come prepared with a hot dish, salad, dessert, or something else to put on the table. BYOB. Coals will be available for anyone bringing food for the grill. After dinner, we'll attempt the annual group photo. We will have the coals warm by 5:30. Group picture at 6:30 followed by General Membership Meeting at 7:00 and picture show at 7:30. After the meeting, stick around for games, socializing, and getting to know your fellow WMC members. Send photos of you during the eclipse (Aug. 21 at around 11:30am) or bring one to post to the board. We'll see how far our members traveled to see this natural wonder! One of our wonderful members has been re-organizing our WMC office and we have a lot of books and maps that might be better utilized in the hands of our members than collecting dust on our shelves. The books cover just about every outdoor subject and activity imaginable and the maps are mostly topographic maps around Utah. To help insure that this resource gets into the hands of members who intend to use them and to raise a little money for social activities, books will be offered for a dollar or so and maps for a quarter. If you have books and maps that you would like to contribute to the sale and have them used well, please bring them to the party.

Organizer:Donnie Benson, Kathy Burnham
Phone:801-809-1854, 801-548-8467
Date:Sat Aug 26 2017
Meeting Place:Wasatch Mountain Lodge (8465 S Mary Lake Lane, Brighton, UT)
Meeting Time:5:00 pm
Carpool Place:Big Cottonwood Canyon P&R (3865 Big Cottonwood Cyn Rd, Cottonwood Heights, UT)
Carpool Time:4:30 pm