kayaking the san rafael river - May 26, 2017

This date is a guestimate. It may occur earlier or later. We will be boating through the "Little Grand Canyon" section on the San Rafael River. This trip is spring-run-off dependent. There needs to be at least 250 cfs for this section to be boatable. The section is 20 river miles and swift flat water. We will also be camping on the river. Splitting the river into 10 mile sections to allow for exploring and hiking. Space is limited. Email me at anjawadman@gmail.com if you are interested and to sign up. Trip will be cancelled if there is not enough water. Each person will be responsible in bringing their own gear (IK or kayak, lifejacket, paddle, food, etc). Fees may include: Gear Rental $25/per day, Shuttle cost $35 per person, campground fee $6 per night additional from food and gas. More details to come.

Level:Class II-
Organizer:Anja Wadman
Date:Fri May 26 2017 — Sun May 28 2017
Meeting Place:Registration required