hiking trail maintenance - bonneville shoreline trail

For the past two hiking seasons, the Bonneville shoreline trail section linking the Mount Olympus trail to the Heughs Canyon trail has been under construction. Thanks to those that have already helped out. Excellent progress has been achieved. The trail travels by some impressive cliff bands and foothill brush zones that features scrub oak, mountain mahogany, and big tooth maple. The trail also offers impressive views of Tolcats and Heughs canyons. Come over and help to complete this wonderful trail section. Participants should register at the Bonneville Shoreline Committee website. That website is www.bonnevilleshorelinetrail.org. The information about the meeting place and time will be forward to the participants that registered. In addition to the 10 Es, (water, and rain gear are especially essential), participants should bring work gloves, safety glasses and wear sturdy boots, long sleeve shirt, and long pants. If you need more information, please contact Brett Smith at brettsmith459@yahoo.com or Dave Andrenyak at andrenyakda@aim.com.

Organizer:David Andrenyak
Date:Sat Sep 30 2017
Meeting Place:Registration required

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