canyoneering rappelling, belaying and self rescue - April 8, 2018

You must visit the WMC Meetup to RSVP. The link is below. After a few workshops over the winter it's time to get outside and wrap up some training. The skills offered will help you become a more competent canyoneer and group member. These skills are required to attend a WMC canyoneering event. You must bring the following to attend: a helmet, harness, gloves, 2-3 locking carabiners, a safety tether, proper footwear, a rappelling device (no tubes, ATCs, 8's), clothing appropriate for the weather, snacks and water as desired. If you need some gear you can contact me. This event will be offered on April 7th and 8th. Pick your day and only attend one. Thanks! RSVP opens on March 17th at noon. Please forgive this part but it must be written. Please be considerate with your RSVP by making sure your notifications for Meetup are on and in the event you can't attend, change it to Not Going as soon as you know. Our last event had 20 people RSVP and 18 on the waitlist. The event was free, a room was reserved and 5 others, besides myself, donated their entire Saturday to assist with the training. Unfortunately only 8 people showed and many others missed a great opportunity. Please do your part to keep these events free and avoid being blacklisted for not attending.

Organizer:Shane Wallace
Date:Sun Apr 8 2018
Meeting Place:Registration required
Web Link:WMC Meetup