motel car camp: yellowstone wolves, wildlife, & winter activities - 4-6 days - February 22, 2018

Join us for some winter wolf and wildlife watching, and other winter activities in Yellowstone Park. Yellowstone is a great place to visit in the winter. We could see wolves, foxes, coyotes, bighorn sheep and eagles; maybe some other critters, too. ----- Trip length: Leave Thursday afternoon; return home by Sunday night if you have to get back to work or whatever; stay until Monday or Tuesday if you have more time and would like to stick around. ----- We'll motel it in Gardiner, MT, and drive into the Park each day on the road between there and Cooke City, 4 miles east of the northeast entrance. It's the only road kept open in Yellowstone in the winter. We might see wolves anywhere along that road; the most likely place is usually Lamar Valley. We'll see other animals along the way, too. ----- Note that this is a WMC members only trip. If you are not a member, you can still come by joining the club first :-) ----- Some other noteworthy considerations: We'll get up very early each morning (about 5:00am) and the mornings could be very cold (zero or less). ----- Wolf Watching: The best way to find wolves is to drive the road. If you really, really want to see wolves, you need to be dedicated to doing that to the exclusion of everything else until we find some. What we do is find the biologists and follow them wherever they go until we find wolves. After that you can do whatever you want. Winter Activities: There are lots of opportunities for cross country skiing and snowshoeing, so bring your skis, snowshoes or whatever if you want to enjoy some time trekking around in Yellowstone's spectacular winter wonderland. ----- The drive to Gardiner in the winter is about 500 miles since we can't go through the Park to get there, so we will leave Thursday and drive about halfway that night. Plan to leave anytime in the afternoon, but no later than 5-6pm. ----- Robert Turner and Julie Kilgore will be your co-organizers. Contact one of them for more details and to register.

Organizer:Robert Turner; Julie Kilgore
Phone:Robert: 801-560-3378; Julie: 801-244-3323
Date:Thu Feb 22 2018 — Sun Feb 25 2018
Meeting Place:Registration required

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