road bike weekend: 11th annual huntington canyon and scofield trip - July 13, 2018

Fire Update: You may have heard there is a forest fire in the Huntington Canyon area. It is the Trail Mountain fire, but it won't affect us. The fire is lower in the canyon and west of the highway (UT-31). We are camping up top near the top end of Electric Lake and riding in that area, so the fire is several miles south of us. Also, it is at least 90% contained and no longer considered a threat. .... Next: If you've never been to this area, you owe it to yourself to come. This is one of the most gorgeous places you'll ever find that you have never heard of. ..... We'll camp this year on top at Flat Canyon Flat campground. We've camped there a few times in years past. It offers excellent views of the surrounding scenery. Disclaimer: The campground has pit toilets, and no water. We will have to bring our own. ----- Some trip details: We'll drive down Friday (Jul 13) and camp Friday and Saturday nights.-----Saturday, we can do a ride on top, over the summit and down the canyon as far as we want (but not past the Stuart Guard Station, I'd say), then back up over the summit and down to camp. Hardy souls can continue on past the upper end of Electric Lake to the top of Eccles Canyon before returning to camp. Whatever you do, you'll see the scenery at the top of the canyon, which is to die for. Of course, any of you who have been there before already know that. The rides as outlined are in the MOD+ to MSD- categories, but you can make them easier if you want by shortening them.-----Sunday morning we'll pack up and head for home via the Energy Loop Scenic Byway, stopping in Scofield to do a three-legged ride in the valley. It ends with a must do segment up to the charming little mining town of Clear Creek (it's just too good to miss). This ride is in the NTD+ to MOD category, depending on how far you ride.-----Contact Robert for more details and to register.

Route:Out & Back
Organizer:Robert* Turner
Date:Fri Jul 13 2018 — Sun Jul 15 2018
Meeting Place:Registration required