tuesday eve mountain bike - check wmc bike email for details - June 5, 2018

Tuesday eve rides will continue through the fall and will be organized by various riders including Nick Calas, Ryan Cragun, Craig Williams, Hardy Sherwood, myself and others. Please join the Mountain Bike E-Mail distribution list so you can receive weekly updates regarding ride details and meeting spot. The hope is we offer both a mod minus and mod plus each Tuesday with both groups meeting up after for El Chubasco treats. Looking forward to a great season of fun rides! Feel free to organize and post one of your favorite rides or a weekend event! To quote my dear friend Nick, Ride On!

Organizer:Greg Libecci
Date:Tue Jun 5 2018
Meeting Place:Park City Area. Join E-Mail Mountain Bike distribution list serve and receive weekly updates regarding upcoming rides
Meeting Time:5:45 pm
Carpool Place:SLC folks are encouraged to arrange car pooling. Kmart lot at base of Parley's is a typical spot.
Carpool Time:5:15 pm