road bike: figure 8 from holladay village - May 7, 2018

This 40-miler is tame in terms of terrain, but participants must have a fairly high tolerance for urban riding. Long stretches of residential riding are punctuated by bursts of frequent stoplights and a 5-mile stretch through some industrial parks. There's a good shoulder the entire route, although we'll encounter a fair amount of road debris in the high-traffic areas. We'll ride from the parking lot at the new Harmon's grocery in Holladay. Parking is tight in this area and your best bet may be the Holladay Village city office to the northwest of Harmon's. Plan to stay for lunch after the ride if you can. Wheels rolling at 9:00 am.

Organizer:Katie Kunz
Date:Mon May 7 2018
Meeting Place:Harmon's Grocery in Holladay: 4675 S Holladay Blvd.
Meeting Time:8:45 am
Web Link:Map of the Ride