graffiti cleanup and possible rock climb - ledgemere - bcc - November 3, 2018

We have access to a portable power washers and plan to tackle the graffiti Ledgemere Picnic area in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Will we be using "Elephant Snot," which is a commercial paint remover approved for use in the watershed. We will then rinse it with water, using the power washers (both electrical and hand pump). And we need your help. We are looking for at least 6 people to commit to a day of cleanup and possibly enjoy some rock climbing or hiking after our hard work. This is also a training opportunity to learn how to remove graffiti. Things you will want to bring: 1) Neoprene or latex dishwashing gloves, 2) Goggles or safety glasses, 3) old painting paints and shirt or equivalent, 4) approach shoes, boots, whatever, preferably beaten up and ready for the garbage can, 5) old crappy beat up rain gear 6) hat, 7) old crappy helmet, 8) and a good attitude. RSVP is required for this activity. Snacks and drinks will be provided to volunteers.

Organizer:Kathleen Waller
Date:Sat Nov 3 2018
Meeting Place:Ledgemere Picnic Area (Big Cottonwood Cyn Rd, Salt Lake City, UT)
Meeting Time:9:00 am