conservation sulfur bottom and swazy's leap service trip - October 20, 2018

The Mexican Mountain WSA boundaries cross some old routes deep in the Swell near Mexican Mountain. These old routes accessed the upstream and downstream parts of the Lower Black Box of the San Rafael River. The old barricades have aged and new vehicle intrusions are by passing them. So we will rehab the old barricades and build some new ones. There are a few miles of good dirt roads after leaving pavement to the camp site. However the routes to the barricades are rough and slow. The plan is to send one high clearance 4X4 to each site with 4 volunteers in each vehicle. Getting to and from the sites plus the work will be a day full. I plan on using my vehicle as one of the two we need. Days will be cooling down and nights will be cold. Expect a dry camp and bring work cloths and gloves. Saturday will be a work day and Sunday will be a play day. Limit 7 people. These two barricades are among the most isolated in the Swell

Organizer:Will McCarvill
Date:Sat Oct 20 2018 — Sun Oct 21 2018
Meeting Place:Registration required