road bike weekend: fish lake - sevenmile creek

This trip turned out so well last year that we just have to do it again. We ride the road up Sevenmile Creek near Fish Lake that was just paved a couple of years ago. The scenery is simply gorgeous and the climb to the summit isn't bad: about 3.2%. ------ Some trip details: We'll camp at Bowery Creek Campground (8848 feet elevation) at Fish Lake Friday and Saturday nights (Sep 7 and 8) and start our rides from there. (Note: If you don't want to camp, there are cabins and some motel rooms close by you can reserve. Contact me for info.) ------ On Saturday, we'll ride east to Johnson Valley Reservoir and up Sevenmile Creek to the summit (10,506 feet). The ride is 34 miles with 2075 feet elevation gain. Hardy souls can continue down the other side perhaps to Taylor Flat overlook, which adds 11 miles and 1725 feet of gain (45 miles and 3800 feet total). Naturally, you can make the ride as easy or hard as you want by shortening or lengthening it. ------ Sunday we can do a short ride in the Fish Lake area or ride back over to Johnson Valley and down along the Fremont River until we want to turn back. That would give us ride options from about 20 miles and 700-900 feet of gain to about 38 miles and 2900 feet of gain (or more if you want). Once again, you can shorten or lengthen the ride to suit your taste. ------ After the ride, we'll head for home. Lots of route options for the return trip, so you can see some new territory on the way back if you like. Early September is a most wonderful time to be in the mountains. Not too hot and not too cold. We'll spend most of our time between about 8800 and 10,500 feet elevation, so it won't get very hot during the day, and it will likely only be cold at night and early, early in the morning. Should be a great weekend!

Route:Out & Back
Organizer:Robert* Turner
Date:Fri Sep 7 2018 — Sun Sep 9 2018
Meeting Place:Registration required