wmc conservation challenge bag-making/gear repair party - January 26, 2019

Just before the Pray for Snow party, Julie sent out an email asking attendees to bring their own reusable camp mess kits or cups. The response was wonderful. YES!! Let's step up our WMC Conservation Challenge for all events. To make it even easier, we are planning a craft & repair party for Saturday, January 26 at 5 p.m. If you have gear that needs a simple repair - a seam sewn, or a tear patched, there will be a sewing machine & patches available. There will also be material to make dish bags to carry your dishes/ mess kits to and from all events. PLEASE RSVP to robynheilbrun@hotmail.com--Let us know if you will need supplies, or if you have some that you can bring.There will be snacks, and whatever you bring to share.

Organizer:Robyn Heilbrun
Date:Sat Jan 26 2019
Meeting Place:Robyn Heilbrun's house, 661 S. Elizabeth St. (1140 E)
Meeting Time:5:00 pm