road bike: pc - kamas - smith & morehouse - brown's canyon loop

We will start at Quinn's junction and ride to Kamas using SR 32, then ride toward Oakley and up the Weber Canyon road towards Smith & Morehouse. We'll come back down and head over to Brown's Canyon to return to the start. The elevation is mostly in sustained climbs rather than steep segments. This is my first time organizing a biking activity and I bike at the slower end of moderate so we'll see how it goes. Faster bikers who know the route are welcome to ride ahead. I suggest bringing snacks or lunch and plenty of water for the ride because there aren't facilities (that I'm aware of) after Kamas. We'll regroup a few times and take a break to eat snacks at the end of the Weber Canyon road. Riders interested may head over to the Poshpital at the finish for lunch but the organizer won't be joining. The miles and elevation are courtesy of RideWithGPS map. If you are not familiar with the route, it would be a good idea to print out the route from the attached link. Note: I plan to take the bike path from Quinn's and through the neighborhood to get to SR 32 at the start which is not reflected on the map.

Organizer:Deirdre Flynn
Date:Wed Jun 19 2019
Meeting Place:Parking lot in front of the dog park at Quinn's Junction. If coming from US 40, take exit 4 and turn right (toward Park City). Turn right onto Round Valley Drive and take the first left to reach the dog park.
Meeting Time:8:30 am
Web Link:Map of ride