beginner white water rafting trip - swasey's beach, green river

Organizers: Heidi DeMartis 801-608-7966 and Robyn Heilbrun 801-598-8598 Besides being a fun river trip, this trip introduces you to WMC boating trips. On a commercial boating trip the guides do everything for you (inflate the boats, make the meals, guide you down the river, etc.). On club trips there are no paid guides and everyone on the trip contributes to completing the tasks. Club members will share with you what they know about running rivers. This should include how to "read the river", throw a throw bag, right a flipped raft, paddle a paddle boat/paddle a duckie (inflatable kayak)/row an oar rig, share what it's like to swim a rapid and other safety skills. Non-river skills you will learn are what personal gear works well on river trips, how to make group meals using the WMC Boating's kitchen, what gear the club owns (and is available for cheap private rentals when not being used on a club trip). Beginners Prerequisite: You are required to attend an Intro to boating class to be held on a to-be-determined date in May at the boat shed, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Experienced boaters: We need you to help make this trip and the class a successful learning experience!

Level:Class II+
Organizer:Heidi DeMartis
Date:Fri May 17 2019 — Sun May 19 2019
Meeting Place:Registration required