relaxed pace draper evening hike - view jupiter and saturn great conjunction - December 21, 2020

We will begin our hike promptly at 5:45 pm. Come out and explore the south end of the Salt Lake valley. The Draper hikes are geared toward newcomers or those who just want a more relaxed pace, and would be suitable for kids about 12 or older accompanied by a responsible adult. This year December 21st will mark the date of both the annual Winter Solstice as well as the rare Jupiter and Saturn Great Conjunction where the 2 planets will appear adjacent to each other. This will be the closest the planets have been to each other in almost 400 years. The forecast as of December 17th for December 21st is for clear skies in our area. The following link describes the Jupiter and Saturn Great Conjunction event: You will be able to view it with the naked eye or you can bring binoculars or a portable telescope for enhanced viewing. We will be hiking to an open area to view the planets.

Organizer:John Kiedaisch
Date:Mon Dec 21 2020
Meeting Place:Registration required

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