training - winter survival - February 20, 2020

Winter Survival (A + P) x I = Survival , (For Wasatch Mountain Club) These are skills needed for any survival situation. The Survival Formula (A + P) x I = and the Survival priorities 1 = Attitude, 2. Air, 3. Medical, 4. Protection from the environment, 5. Rest, 6. Water 7 . Food ... There is limited space, and it is an informal get together, open to anyone. Those with advanced skills are welcome to come and share their knowledge, as well. Douglas Hansen (Specialities with 3 i' s) 801-664-3797 Suggested equipment: Pencil/pen, note pad, and anything else you think would fit.

Organizer:Douglas Hansen
Date:Thu Feb 20 2020
Meeting Place:Registration required

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