protect the new wildernesses in the san rafael swell - May 16, 2020

Thanks to the Emery Co land bill last year Emery county now has 700,000 acres of wilderness. Not only the old WSA's but parts of America's Red Rock Wilderness Bill were given wilderness protection. Speaking of protection, these areas need our help as the pressures of motorized recreation continue to increase. The projects are in the formative phase with the BLM but they will likely be near Goblin valley. I am trying to have a mix of projects, some more physical, others will entail boundary surveys using the brand spanking new iPad based process that is paper free, simple and easy to use. We will car camp in the desert. I've attached a link to a survey report provided to the BLM.

Organizer:Will McCarvill
Date:Sat May 16 2020 — Sun May 17 2020
Meeting Place:Registration required
Web Link:Sample BLM Report