mountaineering - mt adams in wa - August 9, 2021

Mount Adams (12,276 ft) is the second highest mountain in Washington State. The knowledge of and experience in using crampons and ice axe is required. This is not technical mountaineering - no mountaineering gear beyond crampons and ice axe required. We plan to do the hike/mountaineering as a day hike. The estimated hike/mountaineering time would be 10-13 hours, depending on conditions and pace. We may organize a crampons and ice axe practice (not a class) in spring if there is a need. Please email to register and please give a brief description of relevant mountaineering skills and experience. WMC members only. Note: The organizer and some others will be there earlier to make Mt Rainier (the highest mountain in Washington State) located near Mt Adams (with a guide). Others may come only for Mt Adams.

Organizer:Akiko Kamimura
Date:Mon Aug 9 2021
Meeting Place:Registration required