social time capsule sealing ceremony - January 9, 2021

The Time Capsule project is progressing well as we work to fill it. It is big at 2.3 cu ft (think 17 gallons) so feel free to contribute items and letters by contacting me. Jan 9 is our tentative date to seal the capsule and wish it bon voyage on it's journey into the future. Watch for more details in emails and on the calendar as we plan a suitable sendoff. We are considering a combination of Burning Man and druid elements. Your ideas are welcome. Location will be a back yard in the valley or at the lodge and possibly a bonfire. Covid-19 protocols will be followed and size may be limited

Organizer:Zig* Sondelski
Date:Sat Jan 9 2021
Meeting Place:Disseminated via the 'wmc-social' activity email list