alpine ski tour, kings peak - March 19, 2021

Participants must follow the State of Utah's Covid19 Enjoying the Outdoors Safely and Responsibly recommendations, and this is a "Registration Required" event. This is the 48th annual Kings Peak tour for those interested in trivia. The historic Kings Peak ski tour, hosted by Steve and Larry Swanson, will convene on Friday night (March 19th) at the Henry's Fork Snow-Parking area and get under way very early on Saturday morning. Avalanche transceivers, shovels, and registration are not required. Headlamps are mandatory (double check that they work and that the batteries are fresh). Lots of water (2-3 liters) and protection from facing directly into the sun for most of the day are also important. Standard backcountry touring gear is best but every possible combination has been used in the past. Climbing skins are often handy but not essential. We generally leave the skis at Gunsight Pass and climb the peak on foot so Vibram-type soles on your boots are usually helpful if the snow is hard. Snowshoers are welcome but they need to remember that since they cannot just kick and glide back to the car they have a much earlier turn-around time. 1:00pm is the usual turn around time for Snowshoers. It will be a long day, we start before dawn and usually end after dark. It's not at all necessary to climb the peak, however, to enjoy the ski touring in this lovely, gentle drainage and normally more than half of the participants turn around short of the peak. Elkhorn crossing is a good scenic NTD destination used by many. Gunsight Pass, 5 miles farther, is MOD and gives wonderful views. Gunsight Pass is the standard turn around place for most and for ALL those that arrive after 1:00pm. The summit is MSD chiefly because of the length of the day and the climb of the peak at the end. Mandatory turnaround is 3:00 pm no matter where you are on the route. We carry out ALL waste paper including TP so carry a plastic bag and plan for it. For additional information call Larry at 801-583-4043 or Steve at 801-272-5750. We will start out no matter what the weather and assess the summit from the basin or Gunsight. The trip to the basin is sheltered and makes a nice ski tour even in stormy weather. We prefer the creek route as it is safer but that decision will be made on the morning of the tour. We want everyone to go up and back down on the same route for safety reasons so check with Larry or Steve on the route of choice if you plan to leave extra early.

Route:Out & Back
Organizer:Larry* Swanson
Date:Fri Mar 19 2021 — Sat Mar 20 2021
Meeting Place:Registration required
Web Link:Enjoying the Outdoors Safely and Responsibly