antelope island multi-activity event - October 1, 2021

Join us for the day, or reserve a campsite and stay a night or two. Come hike, paddle (??), or peddle on Antelope Island. After a great day of WMC activities, gather at and around Campsite BB07 at Bridge Bay Campground for some Saturday afternoon socializing. There are currently fire restrictions, so we might not be roasting anything on the campfire. Best to bring your favorite picnic goodies. THERE IS A $10 ENTRANCE FEE TO THE PARK. EACH PARTICIPANT/CAR IS INDEPENDENTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ENTRANCE FEE.

Organizer:Julie Kilgore
Date:Fri Oct 1 2021 — Sun Oct 3 2021
Meeting Place:See calendar for the various activities. If camping, arrive at the island any time.
Meeting Time:5:00 pm
Web Link:Follow this link for Bridger Bay Campground Reservations