hiking meeting/social "central south america's golden three expedition" - August 23, 2022

Looking for Volunteers to join an Expedition to South Central America's iconic three golden destinations: Peru's Machi Pichu, Lake Titicaca and Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni in preparation to climbing two to three Volcanos near to or over 6000 meters (19,685 ft) in Bolivia. This expedition is front loaded so that non-mountain climbers can participate in the beginning but not required to continue to the mountain climbs at the end. To make this expedition feasible there is a minimum and maximum number of participants needed (4 to 8 slots with two taken one by me and one by a climbing partner friend leaving 2 to 6). Because of the logistics and costs involved a financial commitment to our south American Guide (a personal friend who has not had substantial work in over two years) in a partial-refundable sum of 500USD is required by 3-31-2022 to reserve a spot on the expedition team. First Come First served. The total cost for each participant depends on the total number participating especially on the front end (Cusco, Peru is expensive to visit), currently the front end plus one volcano (Licancabur) is 3000USD with an additional amount to be determined if combined with the Sajama climb added at the back end, an 8-person minimum. The climbing only portion will be in the order of 2000USD with a four-person minimum (we meet in La Paz, Bolivia in this case). Full payment for the expedition will be required by the end of June 2022 with no refund after July 15, 2022. Peru - Bolivia Climbing Expedition List of volcanos to be climbed Volcano Name Summit Elevation Elevation gain during climb Alpine Difficulty rating (1) Uturuncu, Bolivia (if time permits) 6020 m 800 m PD- (2) Licancabur, Bolivia 5960 m 1600 m F (3) Sajama, Bolivia 6542m 1942 m (two days) AD-. I recommend flying from Atlanta, Georgia to Lima Peru, currently flights are reasonable during the expedition start/end dates, but this can change at any time.

Route:Out & Back
Organizer:Frank Nederhand
Date:Tue Aug 23 2022 — Sun Sep 11 2022
Meeting Place:Lima, Peru
Meeting Time:8:00 am
Carpool Place:Lima, Peru
Carpool Time:8:00 am

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