canyoneering the subway in zion np - June 20, 2022

This trip is now full, with a waitlist. Requirements to canyoneer the Left Fork of North Creek, better known as The Subway. You must have rappelling experience and your own harness, carabiner, descending device, dry bag and day pack, with lunch and snacks and especially, sufficient water. It is not safe to filter in this canyon anymore, because of the Cyanatoxin that can be found in this water. You are responsible to look into the possible consequences of coming in contact with it and don't sign up if you aren't willing to take full responsibility for your own safety and well being. I know the route but am not a guide. There are inherent risks to canyoneering. You will be required to sign a liability waiver before joining us. This is a 2-3 day trip, including travel days and just one day in the canyon. It's a fairly strenuous 9.5 miles, with lots of scrambling, swimming through narrow slot canyon areas, and also walking down a creek drainage in water much of the time. There are 3 rappels, the longest one being 30 feet. Wet suits are optional and should be considered if you run cold. Red rock approach and river rocks are often slippery, so grippy, close-toed hiking water shoes are highly recommended. It's an all day hike that will start at 8am and end around 6-7pm. Because of the 8am start time you must be in the St. George area by evening of June 20, the night before. After the long, tiring hike most will sleep overnight in the St. George after the hike. You are responsible for your own lodging and meals. That all said, It's a fun and memorable adventure!

Level:3C III
Longest Rappel:30'
Organizer:Tonya Karren, Bret Mathews
Phone:801-493-9199, 801-831-5940
Date:Mon Jun 20 2022 — Tue Jun 21 2022
Meeting Place:Registration required